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These numbers have been in the news


A Johns Hopkins University study forecasts that, by 2015, some 75 percent of Americans will be overweight, and 41 percent will be obese. That compares with a rate of 66 percent overweight as of 2005.


Interstate 80 is 2,909 miles long. It starts in Teaneck, N. J., at its junction with Interstate 95. Its western terminus is in San Francisco, Calif., at the Rt. 101 junction. The highway runs 314 miles through the heart of Pennsylvania.


PennDOT has been out in force mowing vegetation along state highways. Plans call for about 97,500 road miles to be mowed by the end of next month.

PennDOT mows primarily to provide a "clear zone" to help motorists recover if their vehicles leave the roadway. Mowing also helps maintain necessary sight distances at intersections and around turns, plus it gives motorists an unobstructed view of highway signs and allows them to more easily see and avoid potential dangers.

Roads that receive the most traffic are mowed as many as four times per year. PennDOT uses its own 220 tractors and hires around 50 contractors to help. Mowing costs close to $5 million a year.


The McKean County Sheriff's Department Dive and Rescue Team recently recovered four rifles tossed into Potato Creek near Farmers Valley. The guns had been taken from an elderly man. Fifteen team members, all volunteers, searched for two days before finding the rifles.


Worldwide there are approximately 1.25 million Rotarians in more than 32,000 clubs located in over 200 countries and geographical areas.


The U.S. carries $9 trillion in debt. That works out to $29,000 for each woman, man and child in the nation.

Taxpayers have to shell out $21 billion per month just to cover interest costs on this national debt.


So many Pennsylvanians have rushed to renew their registration for the state's "donot call" list that the Attorney General's office enlisted 70 operators to handle the volume and then tapped a contractor to take care of the overflow at a separate call center.

Registering your phone number on the list blocks most telemarketing calls. The registration hotline is 1-888- 777-3406. Online registration is available at attorneygeneral.gov.

A number's registration is valid for five years. The Federal Trade Commission also operates a do-not-call registry. Signing up for either affords the same protections. Each registry accepts cellphone numbers, but it isn't necessary to register them because federal law bars telemarketing calls to wireless phones.


Four years after the world famous Kinzua Viaduct was toppled by a tornado, there's a move afoot to resume excursion train rides to the wreckage at Kinzua Bridge State Park. That's the word from John Hafer, grandson of Sloan Cornell, a Marienville resident who has owned the railroad since 1981.

For many years, a steam locomotive pulled passenger rail cars from Marienville to the park, with a stop in Kane. The bridge was destroyed on July 21, 2003, when a tornado toppled the midsection of the structure. Of the 20 steel support structures, 11 now lie in the ruins of the bridge at the bottom of the gorge.

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