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SPCA Coming to Potter County

(Howard Nelson chief

executive office of the

Pennsylvania Society for

the Prevention of Cruelty

to Animals. He previously

served in a similar capacity

for the SPCA in Washington,


I was pleased at the progress made during a recent trip to Potter County to visit potential locations for the PSPCA's Potter County Animal Sanctuary.

Thank you to the Potter County community for the warm reception during my visit. I can tell that the residents and elected officials are excited about the PSPCA opening the animal sanctuary and adoption center.

The facility will serve as a PSPCA Adoption Center and a sanctuary for animals that stay with the PSPCA for longer periods because they are part of pending cruelty court cases. The property will include a cattery; housing and runs for dogs; exercise spaces and barns and stables for larger animals.

We visited several potential sites during his visit to Potter County. We are looking for a 15- to 25-acre property located along Route 6 between Galeton and Coudersport. Anyone with information on properties meeting these specifications can email the PSPCA's Melanie Polo at mpolo@pspca.org.

We also interviewed candidates for the animal care technician and shelter management positions that will be available once the shelter is open. We want to employ several Potter County residents at the facility. If anyone is interested in applying for a position at our new facility, he or she can send a resume to jobs@pspca.org."

Our goal is to have a selfsustaining shelter that is large enough to accommodate the PSPCA services of animal life-saving, spaying or neutering, and cruelty prevention and response.

Pennsylvania SPCA is dedicated to rescuing animals from abuse and neglect, providing life-saving care and treatment, guaranteeing a home for every adoptable animal, and reducing pet overpopulation through low-cost spay-andneuter clinics and public awareness initiatives.

Through these efforts, we prevent cruelty towards animals and promote respect for their welfare, thus enhancing the lives of people and their companion animals throughout the state.

Headquartered in Philadelphia, PSPCA has satellite shelters in Wellsboro, Centre Hall, Danville, Stroudsburg and Montrose. The Philadelphia branch houses a full-service animal hospital, obedience training academy, adoption facility and the PSPCA Law Enforcement Department, which is responsible for enforcing Philadelphia and Pennsylvania animal cruelty laws.

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