2010-02-13 / News

Children’s home closing; 70 will lose their job

Seventy people will lose their jobs when the former Northern Tier Children’s Home in Potter County closes its doors on April 29.

It’s uncertain whether the home – which has been a residential treatment center since 2001 – will reopen or, if it does, what type of facility it will be.

The former orphanage near Harrison Valley became “Adelphoi Village” in July 2001, providing treatment services to youths from dozens of counties in Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Delaware. A majority of the children have come from the Philadelphia area.

Adelphoi Village receives referrals from juvenile probation and children’s services organizations. Changes in state funding and new policies that encourage more family involvement and treatment facilities closer to home have caused financial challenges that the corporation, Adelphoi USA, is no longer willing to endure.

Sixty-five full-time employees and five part-time workers will lose their jobs.

Northern Tier Children’s Home, a non-profit corporation with a substantial endowment fund, will be considering its options in the wake of the Adelphoi USA announcement. The property consists of about 270 acres, a dormitory, activity building, offices, staff housing and other facilities.

Executive Director Fern Burdick said Northern Tier will be “aggressively looking for someone to operate a program here.”

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