2012-11-24 / News

Sentenced in Cameron County Court

Several defendants were sentenced this week in Cameron County Court.

Judge Richard Masson ordered Richard D. Housler of Emporium to serve a year of probation, pay a $300 fine, as well as a $35 monthly supervision fee and costs of prosecution. Housler pleaded guilty to simple assault after an April 9 incident on Broad Street in Emporium.

Erica M. Goff, 20, of Keating Summit, was sentenced on a charge of defiant trespass in connection with the fire set at the maintenance building at the Prospect Park Playground in Shippen Township last March.

Goff was ordered to serve one year of probation, pay a $300 fine, a $35 monthly supervision fee plus court costs.

Judge Masson refused to accept a guilty plea from Richard A. Olivett Jr., 33, of Emporium on charges of possessing a controlled substance and drug paraphernalia.

The judge instead entered a not guilty plea on Olivett’s behalf to allow him to consult with an attorney.

Jerald R. Glover of Emporium requested a jury trial on a charge of disorderly conduct.

Jury selection is scheduled for March 26.

Edmund M. Stuart, James P. Roberto, Brandon Cole and Alan N. Lichtenwainer were all accepted into the accelerated rehabilitative disposition (ARD) program. They lost their driving privileges and must perform 35 hours of community service, reimburse the county for blood/alcohol testing, and complete the ARD drug and alcohol evaluation program.

Arraignments were held for Christopher L. Floyd, simple assault; Maryfrances Gibson, theft; Jody Wiltrout, driving under the influence; and Jesse M. Coffman, escape.

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