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Maple weekend is now!

Maple producers across Potter and Tioga counties will welcome the public this weekend for tours, part of an annual tradition sponsored by the Potter-Tioga Maple Producers Assn.

More than a dozen farms are open to visitors from 10 am to 4 pm on Saturday and Sunday. Some will also be serving pancake breakfasts. All of them are offering tours, demonstrations and maple products for sale.

Potter County operations on the tour include:

• Brydonson Farm, 592 N. Ayers Hill Road, Coudersport, 274-9680.

• Sons of Dunn Family Farm, 1880 N. Ayers Hill Road, Coudersport; 274- 7247.

• Hamilton’s Maple Products, 19 Bunnell Road, Ulysses; 848-9853.

• Rathbun & Weber Maple and Honey Products, Pinneo Hill Road, Shinglehouse; 698-2421.

• Wending Creek Farms, 1079 Baker Creek Road, Coudersport; 274-7280.

• Sticky Bucket Maple, 1145 Parker Hill Road, Sabinsville; 628-2230.

Maple production techniques and product selections vary. Some farms boil sap using natural gas or fuel oil, while others use a traditional wood fire during the evaporation process.

While most farms have gone to tubing and vacuum-pump systems, a fair number still hang some buckets in the trees, and a few have foregone central collection altogether.

Among specialty products are maple salad dressing, jellies, cookies, maple milkshakes and cotton candy.

Details can be found on the website, pamaple.com.

The association will also be partnering with the Coudersport Area Chamber of Commerce for the 51st annual Potter-Tioga Maple Festival in downtown Coudersport, scheduled for May 5-6.

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