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Principal Post Not Needed

Dear editor:

This is an open letter to the taxpayers of the Cameron County School District.

Have you seen the district’s advertisement for an anticipated high school principal for 295 students?

When I was on the school board, in order to keep costs down, we hired one principal to cover both the elementary and the high school. With the declining enrollment in our schools and the declining county population, hiring another administrator to pick up some of the duties of the district principal seems an error in judgment.

Has there been any discussion as to the salary for these individuals? If the district principal assumes fewer duties, does the salary for that position decrease, or can this district really afford to pay more for less (the money coming from your taxes)?

Cameron County is not the only district facing declining enrollment. Kane Area School Board has voted to eliminate seven faculty positions. The enrollment for Kane is 1,153, compared to fewer than 600 students at Cameron County.

Taxpayers in Cameron County need to be better informed about how their taxpayer dollars are spent.

Sandra Shields

You Call That Fair?

Dear editor:

This is in response to the letter to the editor that opposes a proposal by State Senator David Argall to change the current school taxes.

Our public school funding would shift from being property-based to being met through an increase in the state sales tax from 6 to 7 percent, and hike in the state income tax from 3.07 to 4.95 percent.

Our state sales tax has not been increased since 1968. The state income tax has only increased slightly in 46 years.

Is it fairer for me as a property owner to have my real estate taxes increase by 125 percent over the last 30 years?

As a retiree, my Social Security has not increased in the last two years because we are told that the cost of living has not increased during that time. I would like to see our state senators and representatives live on Social Security and a normal pension. Maybe then we would get the relief that we deserve and need.

A lot of property owners haven’t had any children in school for many years but still have to pay the ever-increasing property taxes. Is that fair?

So before you start complaining about the idea of raising taxes that haven’t increased in the last 50 years, think about the people who continue to be hammered by high real estate taxes.

Larry Harsh

Alternative To Drugs

Dear editor:

Almost every week your newspaper carries stories of drug addiction, drug arrests, sentencing of drug offenders and related topics.

This letter is to those who have been involved with opioids, whether to “get high” or to sell them. Either way, it is murder for those who take them and for those who sell them.

My parents gave me up as a baby, and I was raped at the age of 6. I could have turned to drugs, but I didn’t.

God placed people in my life to help me get through this abandonment, rejection and everything else that went with it. Today I am an evangelist to bring to others God’s love.

For those who take opioids to feel good: This is only a temporary feeling of euphoria that quickly wears off. John 10:10 tells us, “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy.” However, Jesus tells us in the same verse, “I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.”

For those who are addicted -- you can stop and get help. You were chosen in him before the foundation of the world (Ephesians 1:4). Your birth was not an accident.

You can get through the rough times in your life without drugs. Your life is important to your creator. He has a better life for you.

For those who sell these drugs -- God loves you as well, and you can get help. Your life is also important to your creator. He has better plans for you.

You can seek help. Just ask!

Fran Catanzaro
Mount Joy

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