2017-08-12 / Viewpoints


New Pet Protection

Dear editor:

The recently signed Act 10 of 2017 marks the most significant animal protection legislation in Pennsylvania in nearly 30 years.

Effective Aug. 28, it will be illegal to tether a dog 24/7; retain custody of pets after being convicted of abusing them; or file frivolous lawsuits against humane police officers, veterinarians, and veterinary technicians who report suspected abuse.

And there will be stronger penalties for starving a horse or perpetrating heinous cruelty on any animal.

Armed with these stronger laws, prosecutors are better prepared to help protect animals and bring offenders to justice.

Together we launched and executed an organized campaign against animal cruelty via telephone calls, email messages, social media posts, traditional letters and cards, and in-person meetings with our legislators.

We succeeded through teamwork, commitment, and perseverance. Your opinion does matter if you make your voice heard.

Anita Sardo


Dear editor:

Often at times of political unrest, many pastors or others my say, “What would Jesus do?”

That question should get people thinking.

History, as well as the Bible, is very clear. Jesus did not take part in the politics of his day, and he taught his followers to do the same. He said, “You are no part of the world, just as I am no part of the world.”

What Jesus would do is what he did when he was on Earth the first time. He would search for and make disciples of God’s kingdom. He would do what he was sent here by God to do: bear witness about the good news of God’s kingdom, which will replace man’s governments.

After 6,000 years, do you still think man’s going to fix things?

Richard Kemble
Cathy A. Hutchison

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