2017-10-07 / Front Page

Wind, shale gas firms make peace, move ahead

Two energy companies that covet the same section of northeastern Potter County have resolved their differences out of court.

As a result, a sprawling wind energy generating station is a step closer to reality, while JKLM Energy moves forward with its aggressive shale gas development plans.

JKLM and Walden Green Energy issued a joint statement this week confirming that they’ve struck a deal involving the use of about 7,000 largely forested acres in Hector Township, settling the civil lawsuit that had been argued earlier this year before Senior Judge John Leete.

Both firms have altered their plans, according to Jack Kenworthy, Walden’s head of development, and Jefferson Long, JKLM’s vice-president for land. “Working on integrating wind and gas facilities on a single site was a new process for both companies, but we worked it out and look forward to continued cooperation with Walden,” Long said.

Walden is calling its $150 million plant the Big Level Wind Project. The firm expects to ramp up construction late this year and have roughly 25 towers protruding from the hilltops in the Dodge Hollow/White Knoll area off Rt. 49 generating electricity by the end of 2018.

The turbines will be more than 600 feet high, more than twice the height of the Statue of Liberty. Electricity will be fed into the grid through a First Energy line.

Meanwhile, JKLM will drill for shale gas in its underground holdings after the wind energy plant is completed.

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