2017-11-11 / Potter County News

Deeds recorded in Potter County

Following are recent real estate transactions filed with the Potter County Recorder of Deeds:

Thomas C. and Dianne C. Minns Revocable Living Trust by trustees to Daniel T. Hicks and Brian K. and Tracy N. Rearick, lot in Genesee Township,$63,750; Matthew A. Breidinger to Stephen E. Osburn, Sharon Township, $25,000; and Helen M. Dunbar by agent to Tamara R. Slawson, Genesee Township, $86,100.

Also, Kenneth C. Bump estate by executor to Family Lease LLC and Rick Hanson, Shinglehouse Borough, $17,000; David A. Kamery to Chad and Valerie Shaffer, 90 acres in Pleasant Valley Township, $80,000; Joel P. and Melissa A. Berkheimer to Merle J. and Elizabeth A. Reiff, three acres in Roulette Township, $80,000; Robert C. and Tammy J. Clancy to HRS Resources LLC, Keating Township, $39,500 and Myron Mitchell to Donald E. Fahringer, West Branch Township, $17,000.

Also, Thomas L. Brown and Lucinda M. Espersen to Rebecca L. Smith, Shinglehouse Borough, $91,000; Joseph M. and Shannon M. Kurtz to Preston M. Trick and Mikayla K. Smith, 17.65 acres in Hector Township, $169,000; and Beulah A. Bliss estate by executrix to Kolby and Kayla Houghtaling, $60,000.

Also, Jon and Susan Grigg and Lee E. and Janet Bellinger to Harmony Investments LLC, 56.73 acres in Roulette Township, $30,300; Bank of New York Mellon by trustee/AIF to Christian E. and Mary G.Tilton, Homer Township, $59,300; Tobias C. Bova by United States Marshal, Sweden Township, $64,369; Richard Allen Sell by executrix, Kaye A. and Gary Jordan, Suzanne J. and John Frain, Doris M. and John Hansen, and Ellen H. Collins to Kaye A. and Gary Jordan, Shinglehouse

Borough, $15,000; and Louise Bentivegna bankruptcy estate Chapter 7 by trustee to Marlin E. and Marilyn Weaver, 8.85 acres, Hector Township, $165,000.

Also, Leonard W. Jones Jr. and Kathleen A. Jones to George L. Oslosky, Jr. and Paul Andrew Oslosky, Keating Township, $7,000; Justin M. and Nicole N. Ford to Rebecca L. Hurd, Austin Borough, $30,000; John W. Wenner estate by executrix, by sheriff, to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, Sharon Township, $1,017; John C. Hogg by sheriff to US Bank National Association by trustee, Ulysses Borough, $2,241; and Jay Richard and Rachel Groff to Walter and Heather Murphy, Pike Township, $338,000.

Also, Jay S. Ulrich Jr. and Keith Kerper, Ulysses Township, $135,000; James V. and Wendy L. Lieb to Bruce and David Wilson, 63.31 acres in Eulalia Township, $280,000; Reforestation Land Company Inc. to James M. Marzo, 6.07 acres oil, gas and mineral rights in Homer and Eulalia Townships, $500; Terry Leister to Timothy and Barbara Heckler, Keating Township, $6,000; and Rita H. Morrissey to Dale Richard and Laurie Keller, Hector Township, $75,000.

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