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Heart & Soul

Dear editor:

Cameron County is a great place to live. To build upon these strengths, we’ve launched the Cameron County Project, patterned after the national Community Heart & Soul Initiative.

Your story, ideas, and concerns are important to our community. Cameron County Project’s mission is to encourage residents to be engaged and to build community pride by focusing on what unites us as residents in Cameron County – our stories of why we love it here.

We want to create a force of community pride and positivity that is contagious and helps to guide decision-making.

Our goals are simple:

--Involve everyone and take the collective “idea bucket” to all, so their ideas can be heard.

--Focus on what matters. Identify the community’s characteristics and attributes where residents’ emotional attachments lie to define what matters most about our community, and use those as a guide to how we change and grow.

--Play the “long game.” Ensure that the plans or ideas don’t just sit on the shelf, but are owned by the residents who have a commitment to their success.

Developing deep emotional connections to the community leads to commitment, action and resilience through working together and learning new skills.

This project will promote a sense of pride in county and remove the stigma that the same handful of people make all the decisions. It will develop leaders from visionary residents from whom we’ve yet to hear.

To learn more, send an email to camcoproud@gmail.com.

Jessica Herzing
Cameron County Project

Politics over policy

Dear editor:

Hunters and outdoor enthusiasts should be aware that there is another movement afoot to politicize Pennsylvania game lands. The jewels of our state could be handed over to the politicians to dice up into golf courses, ski resorts, picnic/ camping areas and the like.

These lands obtained for us by the Pa. Game Commission with our money could be handed over to the Pa. General Assembly to manage.

Pennsylvania is the envy of every state. Few states have the lands that our people enjoy for hunting and similar outdoor pursuits.

In Pennsylvania, the Game Commission is an independent agency, unlike in many other states where the agency is controlled by the politicians and bureaucrats. Still, our state legislature must approve any increase in hunting license fees, which it has refused to do since 1999.

Senate Bill 192, which would give the PGC some authority to manage and set its own fees with reduced legislative oversight, was overwhelming passed in the Senate with just two dissenting votes. However, the House Game and Fisheries Committee has bowed to political pressure and refused to report the bill out to the House floor, where it would surely pass.

Indeed, certain lobbyists have a stranglehold on that committee and have used it for legislation favorable to their narrow interests.

The situation is similar with the Pa. Fish & Boat Commission. That agency is in dire straits and has had to drastically curtail operations.

Conscientious sportsmen and outdoor lovers need to stand up and let their House and Senate members know that these shenanigans have to stop.

Ted Hildabrand
Eighty Four

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