2018-05-12 / Front Page

Assault trial ends with reduced charges

Three Emporium men charged with assaulting a man with a shovel in April 2017 were cleared on felony charges following a non-jury trial last week in Cameron County Court.

Judge Richard Masson did find all three guilty of some counts. Sentenc­ing was postponed until July.

Christopher Grovanz, 37, was convicted of three counts of simple assault and single counts of disorder­ly conduct/fighting and harassment. Maximum penalty would be six years behind bars.

Michael E. Hallowell, 48, and Dana Grovanz, 35, were each found guilty of one count each of simple assault, disorderly conduct/fighting and harass­ment. Each could face up to one year in jail.

All three men were found not guilty of rioting with the intent to commit a felony, which could have carried lengthy prison terms.

They were arrested following an incident near the intersection of Fourth and Broad streets in the Empo­rium Borough. Court records showed that Hallowell stopped a car in the middle of the street to light a cigarette, and a driver honked at him to get out of the road. Hallowell did not, and instead shouted obscenities.

A confronta­tion ensued, dur­ing which a shovel leaning against a roadside building was used to strike the victim.

District Attorney Jeanne Miglicio prosecuted the case. Hallowell was rep­resented by Public Defender Christo­pher Martini, Dana Grovanz by attorney John R. Thomas, and Christopher Grovanz by attorney George N. Daghir.

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