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Start ‘em young

Dear editor:

Potter County Early Child­hood Team held its second annual Early Childhood Expo at the Coudersport Elemen­tary School.

Parents and guardians and their children from all over Potter County attended this great event. It was free to the public, through the gener­ous sponsorship of JKLM Energy.

Agencies and providers of services to children and fami­lies offered free activities for young people. Attendees en­joyed learning while having fun. Books and door prizes were given to the families along with a free lunch.

One of our team members, Commissioner Doug Morley, pointed out the importance of early childhood learning in the development of children. That is why this expo is so critical. It puts in the same room parents, grandparents, educators and child-serving agencies.

Potter County Early Child­hood Team thanks the IU9 Early Intervention Team, Pot­ter County Education Council (PCEC), Coudersport Area School District, Elementary School Sean Reams and staff, and all others who helped to make the expo such a suc­cess.

Bob Wicker

‘Invasive’ cats

Dear editor:

Regarding the recent Pet Chatter column on the “kitten season,” let’s all realize that cats are an invasive species.

They likely came from the Middle East aboard ships 400-plus years ago. People likely thought cats were a great way to control rodents.

While there are many invasive species, almost all of them got here through actions of people. Some were mistakes; some were for addressing a problem that inadvertently created another. The common denominator is people.

Unfortunately, there is no quick answer to the outdoor cat problem. People need to take responsibility for their own actions.

Many people still let their cats roam outside, and they are not neutered. Other peo­ple discard cats when they are tired of them and they are just fending for themselves.

Cats can multiply quickly. We must get them neutered, there is no other way to get the population under control and that could take many years.

Instead of complaining, we need people to take responsi­bility and trap/neuter/release. Please stop complaining and take action. The cats cannot do it themselves; they need people to help them.

Teresa Starner
W. Hempfield Twp.
Lancaster Twp.

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