2018-07-07 / Front Page

Pro-shale gas group forms

Bill Pekarski
Endeavor News

A group promoting shale gas development in Potter County held its first organized event last weekend. Calling itself Potter Advocates for Conservation and Energy (PACE), the organization seeks to provide to the public with accurate information and updates about natural gas production in the county.

“People in the community often find themselves having casual conversations about natural gas development, while not having access to, or un­derstanding, some of the information and issues,” said spokesperson Jessica Songster.

A Coudersport Area High School graduate, she has been retained as local legal counsel for JKLM Energy, the most active shale gas producer in Potter County. Local residents who have taken an interest in PACE support shale gas development and believe that sufficient environmental safeguards are in place to allow for more production.

“We find that, in general, most people are excited about the potential benefits that can stem from natural gas exploration – for example, local job opportunities and revenue for area businesses,” Songster said.

She acknowledged that the deep drilling and hydrofracturing that are required to produce gas from shale formations two miles or more below the earth’s surface are newer concepts that generate concern.

“Shale gas development methods are defined as ‘unconventional,’ so making sure the public has access to correct information is vitally important to our continued success,” Songster explained.

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