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Better days ahead for state’s ‘elk capital’Free Access

Better days are coming in the official Elk Capital of Pennsylvania.
PennDOT will soon begin a multi-million-dollar improvement project on the country road that over the past decade has become one of the heaviest-traveled thoroughfares in northcentral Pennsylvania.
Winslow Hill Road near Benezette in Elk County takes motorists to the Elk Country Visitors Center, as well as some of the most popular elk-viewing countryside in the region. It has been clogged with gawkers who sometimes disregard traffic laws, private property rights and basic common sense in their eagerness to see the animals.
PennDOT is now taking road/soil core borings between Second Street in Benezette and Dewey Road. Findings will be incorporated into the evolving 5.6-mile reconstruction plan with an estimated price tag of $4 million.
PennDOT is paying the bulk. The Pa. Dept. of Community and Economic Development has kicked in $1 million. Work is expected to begin in the spring.
Local leaders appreciate the state’s support, according to Pam Winslow-Mong, township supervisor, secretary and member of the Winslow family honored in the road’s name.
“The infrastructure was never set up for the traffic it gets,” Mong said. “Winslow Hill is in terrible shape . . . Several times over the past few years, an ambulance tried to get up there and couldn’t.”
Work will include the construction of transportation infrastructure and shoulder enhancements to accommodate larger vehicles and the increased volume of vehicles. Paving will significantly increase the base of the road. Road shoulders will be stabilized and drainage will be improved.
Pull-off areas for wildlife viewing are also part of the plan. Additionally, the project will include “daylighting,” or removal of roadside trees, to allow for sunlight to evaporate water that accumulates on the pavement.

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