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Coronavirus case counts across the region continue to rise. The numbers tell the story.
In Potter County, there are now 128 “active” cases, meaning that the victim has contracted the disease over the past two weeks and is considered highly contagious. Pa. Dept. of Health (DOH) estimates that the number of people carrying the virus in a locale is likely four or more times higher than the reported cases.
School students have been contracting the disease. At Coudersport Area School District, approximately 150 students were quarantined at home this week as a result of their potential exposure to the coronavirus. Austin School District has roughly 15 out and close to 50 in Cameron County School District are also out of school either sick or in quarantine for having been in close proximity to someone who tested posted for the virus.
Despite the most recent developments, at press time the Coudersport Area Board of Education was holding firm to its refusal to comply with the state’s masking mandate for students, staff and visitors. Northern Potter School District is also out of compliance, as dictated by its school board.
Two downtown Coudersport eateries closed their doors this week due to the infestation.
Twelve COVID-19 patients are hospitalized at UPMC Cole, with one in intensive care. There have now been 1,467 documented cases and 29 COVID-related deaths in Potter County.
Cameron County has also seen a surge in cases and the closing of a downtown Emporium restaurant.
Active case count stands at 50. There have been 395 documented cases and 10 COVID-related deaths in Cameron County.
More children are becoming victims. According to DOH, since early August the infection rate among Pennsylvanians 18 and younger has risen by 250 percent. An average of 28 percent of all cases are now being diagnosed in children.
Public health experts continue to urge Pennsylvanians to schedule a free coronavirus vaccination, emphasizing that the virus cannot be slowed without broader immunization.
Potter County now has a vaccination rate of just over 43 percent (5,538) among residents age 18 and older. The figure has been growing by an average about 10 people per day.
Some 2,328 Cameron County adults (62 percent) have been vaccinated, with an average of four per day receiving a shot. Statewide, 80.5 percent of adults have received the vaccine.
UPMC Cole continues to offer free vaccinations. To schedule an appointment for an adult, call 814-274-5460; for pediatric patients, call 814-274-9198. More information is available online at vaccine.upmc.com.
Rite Aid Pharmacies in Coudersport, Emporium and Port Allegany continue to book appointments. Registration is open online at health.pa.gov.
Buchanan Brothers’ Pharmacy in Coudersport offers the vaccine by appointment; call 814-274-8660.
Those seeking the vaccine from the Keystone Rural Health office in Emporium can register at keystoneruralhealth.com.
Case counts are also rising in adjacent counties.
Over the past 48 hours (between Tuesday and Thursday), there were 46 cases and one more COVID-related death in neighboring Cattaraugus County, N.Y., where the count now stands at 6,728 cases and 97 deaths.
Lycoming County had 154 more cases with two more fatalities (13,935 cases and 316 deaths). Tioga County reported 75 more cases (3,733 cases, 116 deaths).
Allegany County, N.Y., had 33 new cases and one more fatality (4,019 cases, 93 deaths); McKean, 38 cases (4,258 cases, 76 deaths); Clinton, 54 cases and one more fatality (4,214 cases, 71 deaths); and Elk, 30 new cases and one fatality (3,461 cases, 48 deaths).

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