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COVID: we have ourselves to blameFree Access

Another holiday season will come and go with the COVID-19 coronavirus continuing to take a terrible toll across the region.
While statistics have fluctuated, the trends are clear – more people are contracting the virus and the death toll is rising in many areas. According to public health officials, the extended duration can be traced to the high proportion of citizens who refuse to take protective measures.
A population described by social scientists as “COVID-weary” has been lax when it comes to vaccinations, facemasks, social distancing and postponement of public gatherings.
Between 75 and 80 percent of the latest victims are unvaccinated, a figure that hits home in Potter County. As of Wednesday, just 39 percent of the county’s residents age five and older – some 6,052 people – had been partially or fully vaccinated. Statewide, the vaccination rate is 80 percent.
Entering Thursday, “active” case count in Potter County stood at 153, and the true figure is likely four to five times higher. A case is considered active, and the victim highly contagious, if COVID-19 was confirmed over the past two weeks. Pa. Dept. of Health figures only include those who have been tested, and that figure has plummeted since April.
There have now been 2,017 cases and 51 known COVID-related deaths among Potter County residents.
Cameron County’s active case count stands at 45. Overall, there have been 536 confirmed cases and 11 COVID-related fatalities since the pandemic was declared.
Some 59 percent of Cameron County residents five and older (2,423 people) have been vaccinated, but an average of just three per day have been receiving the vaccine since mid-October.
Keystone Rural Health Consortia is holding a Moderna vaccination booster clinic at its Cameron County Health Care Center in Emporium on Saturday and Sunday, opening at 8 am each day. Attendees must bring their COVID vaccination card and valid ID. Details are available at 814-245-2119 or online at keystoneruralhealth.com.
Rite Aid Pharmacies in Coudersport, Emporium and Port Allegany continue to book appointments. Registration is open online at health.pa.gov.
Buchanan Brothers’ Pharmacy in Coudersport offers the vaccine by appointment; call 814-274-8660.
Those seeking the vaccine from the Keystone Rural Health office in Emporium can register at keystoneruralhealth.com.
UPMC Cole also continues to offer free shots. To schedule an appointment for an adult, call 814-274-5460; for pediatric patients, call 814-274-9198. More information is available online at vaccine.upmc.com.

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