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To the editor:

The Pa. Game Commission (PGC) has devastated our deer herd and has no intention of changing its policies.

Fewer people hunting (due to lack of deer) means less money in license fees. The PGC solution: raise the cost to hunt.

The PGC proposals for the 2007 season call for an increase in fees for resident hunting licenses, bear licenses, archery stamps, muzzleloader stamps, furtaker stamps and migratory bird stamps.

They don’t stop there. The PGC wants to add a pheasant stamp, a conservation stamp, a spring turkey stamp and an additional spring stamp to shoot two birds.

But the increase that upsets me the most is the huge increase in fees for a hunter 65 or older who would like a lifetime license. Heaven forbid the PGC should give a hunter who has supported the agency for 53 years any kind of a break! Many of these people are on fixed incomes. But the PGC’s only concern is “lost revenue because people are living longer.”

Companies around the world whose profits aren’t what they need to be sometimes have cutbacks. That’s right – they reduce personnel, benefits, wages, etc. But when the PGC faces a shortfall, the hunters have to pay for it!

Scott L. Neely

Lewis Run

‘Buy American’

Dear Editor:

We’ve lost enough manufacturing jobs in this country. The steel industry is gone forever, along with sneakers, cameras, clothing, ceramic dishes, machinery, plastics, electronics and dozens of others.

Americans need to look for the little tags on all products – not just automobiles – and buy the ones that say, “Made in the U.S.A.” That is one way to make a meaningful contribution to “homeland security.” If not, America faces a very bleak future. Economically, we’re five percent “haves” and 95 percent “have-nots” who serve them.

James Trzaska West Seneca, N.Y. In Loving Memory

of Colleen Rose

8/18/81 1/12/06

You truly were an angel

sent from God and Heaven above.

Your shocking death just broke the hearts of everyone you loved.

When I found out you were gone,

I thought they were wrong.

You were so full of lifeand

then just like that you were gone.

Like a flame blown out in seconds,

confirming our worst fears

A light that shines no more on earth

for which we shed my tears.

But still you are my beacon and I need you right now.

You hear all my prayers because they are answered somehow.

I wish you could be here,

But I know in a way you are.

Your symbol of a rose goes everywhere with me, so I know you can’t be far.

It is still hard for us that you had to go;

But noone will forget you and we will always love you so. I Love You Buddy!!



To Whom it may concern: as we all know so well how everyone likes to gossip and spread rumors they shouldn’t say things about someone or something they know nothing about. Colleen is not here to defend herself so therefore I will, She did not have AIDS, She did not kill herself…Her death was an accident, she struggled for many years with an addiction she was not proud of and it was just as much of a struggle for her as it was those who loved her and tried to help her. If anyone would have taken the time to know her they would of known that and what a great person she was beneath it all! There are several more in this town just like her so maybe this tragedy will give them something to think about instead of talk about.

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