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Merten music award benefit tonight

Tickets will be available at the door of the Coudersport Golf Club for Saturday’s (today) fourth annual Robert Merten Circle of Fifths Music Award Benefit Concert.

Potter County’s teen idols of the 1960s, Ollie and the Go Gos, will take the stage after a wide variety of local musicians, donating their time and talents to raise money for a music scholarship memorializing the Rev. Robert B. Merten.

The fund-raiser is set for 5-11 pm. Tickets are $25 for the concert, buffet dinner and gratuity, with serving from 5 to 7:30. Cost for those attending the concert, without dinner, is $10.

Preceding the Ollie and the Go Gos set will be the following: vocalist John Peet; classical piano pieces by Luke Patterson and Rosemary Wells; jazz guitar by Mike Kamper; vocalist Anne Acker; Glass Onion, consisting of Stephanie Symans, Sara White, Hannah Wise, Gabe Trimbur and Adam Dow; Derek Brookens, a winner of the Robert Merten Circle of Fifths Scholarship for 2009; solo guitar by Bobby Brown; and guitarist/vocalist Shane Whitney.

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