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Meth lab awareness training July 29

Rural areas are frequently targeted for the manufacture of methamphetamine, an illicit, harmful and addictive street drug that remains popular because of its ready availability and low cost.

“Meth labs” have been uncovered in Gold, Westfield, Emporium and many other area communities over the years. They present a formidable challenge for law enforcement due to their remote location and the fact that the products that are used to manufacture the drug are readily available from retailers.

Methamphetamine labs are also troubling for emergency responders, since the materials are hazardous due to their chemical consistency and are also highly combustible.

On Wednesday, July 29, Potter County Department of Emergency Services will sponsor a Meth Lab Awareness Training session at the Roulette Firehall, starting at 6 pm. For additional information or to register, contact Kathy Brooks at DES, 274-8900.

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